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Project Overview

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The previous website lacked any clear focus and had become bloated by the content needs of multiple stakeholders.

Being an educational establishment, strict Accessibility-compliancy was obviously a key requirement. Other key tasks included improving the Course Search Tool and Application Form, and we also encouraged the client to massively reduce the amount of content and adopt a more disciplined approach.

Content, after all, should help users achieve their goals, not get in the way of it.

The site is fantastic and I'm so pleased to have worked with you on it. I've launched a few websites over the years but never so smoothly and with such responsive, professional, organised and approachable people as you. It's been a joy.

– Michael Ainsworth, Marketing Manager, Calderdale College

User Experience

User feedback revealed the critical areas for improvement were searching/browsing courses and completing the complex course application forms.

We designed a Course Search that combined different methods of searching into a single intuitive interface, with the simple premise, “How would you like to search?”, and combined this with a more logically-structured Course Details template.

The complicated application forms were combined into a single dynamic three-step process using plain English, with user response dictating subsequent questions.

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Creative Solution

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Planning, UX design, project management and design by Pivotal.
Technical development and CMS by sevenpointsix.

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