Project Overview

Synapse recruit 16-24s into Customer Service apprenticeships across their national network of training academies.

We developed a more effective online recruitment tool by simplifying content, focusing user-journeys and implementing a best-practice online application process.

Synapse also feed trainees into blue-chip companies so originally wanted a dual-purpose B2C/B2B site. Rather than a catch-all approach, we recommended a B2C-only solution to focus the style, tone-of-voice and messaging and improve the likelihood of conversion.

Pivotal coordinated the work of the designers and developers, ensuring that the project ran to time and within budget. Throughout the process they championed the needs of the user, and I was particularly impressed with the clickable prototype. Having such a clear vision of how the site should function meant that the design and development teams knew exactly what they were working towards, ultimately saving us time and money.

– Mike Hughes, IT Director, Synapse Learning Ltd

User Experience

End-user focus groups revealed that reducing homepage options and using more direct language was the key to holding their attention.

Applicants also need to provide a lot of information so the application form was crucial to a positive user experience. We gave the user a checklist of the information they would need upfront and guided them through the process, resulting in consistent ‘digital CVs’ which users can maintain during their time with Synapse and use for future job applications.

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Creative Solution

We adapted existing brand guidelines to create a style that resonates with 16-24s. The Customer Service-based hero photography of real apprentices also connects the user to the purpose of the site, and provides instant visual recognition of the role being applying for.

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Planning, UX design, project management, design and front-end development by Pivotal.
Server-side development, back-office integration and CMS by Primogen.

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